Mar 24, 2019

Here I will write all the tips tricks i got from twitter and even advices which when i got from others and daily update this blog post

Bug Hunting Tips 1 [By Jason Haddix] :→


Bug Hunting Tip 2 [By Jason Haddix] :→


Bug Hunting Tips 3 [By Jason Haddix] :→

Check out @BountyBurp - https://github.com/wagiro/BurpBounty/ and @egarme’s port of LinkFinder (by @gerben_javado )

https://github.com/ghsec/BBProfiles/blob/master/PASSIVE-EndpointsExtractor.bb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELftJwkY_e0 https://github.com/GerbenJavado/LinkFinder

I’m gonna run out of good pics of myself!

Don’t Forget ->

from https://people.eecs.berkeley.edu/~rohanpadhye/files/key_leaks-msr15.pdf


Recon Tips

Credit -> https://twitter.com/stokfredrik/status/1109733020540567555

  1. By @stokfredrik

    I always look up asn and ipranges on ripe, if it’s a small scope or if I just want a feeling for it I run it threw domained/aquatone and sort the sizes of the screen shots to look for anomalies, (link: https://github.com/cak/domained) https://github.com/cak/domained (link: https://github.com/michenriksen/aquatone) https://github.com/michenriksen/aquatone

  2. By @imhaxormad :-> My Recon tips :->

    1. Wayback machine plugin in burp gives you some sweet endpoints, I had managed to find an RCE via an abandoned test page for a pentest client.
    2. Look the source code, sometimes you might find an open redirection out of nowhere!
    3. Run Gobuster+dirb+Burp spider
  3. By @D0rkerDevil

    1. sniper tool(everything u need)
    2. gitrob or similar tools which does the github recon jobs
    3. shodan and censys
  4. By @berg0x00

    1. To find other domains that the target own I use the reverse whois lookup over at (link: http://viewdns.info) viewdns.info.
    2. I also look at what other domains are on the TLS certificates that have been created for the target domains.
    3. Use wayback and (link: http://commoncrawl.org) commoncrawl.org
  5. By @bit3c0de

    1. Google dork - for indexed pages and endpoints
    2. Dirsearch and gobuster - path/file discovery especially when i run into a 401(not authorized)
    3. Arjun - discover hidden get/post parameters in urls
    4. Wayback machine - especially for decommissioned pages but live endpoints
    5. Also aquatone and amass. Gave a short write about them here :-> https://sylarsec.com/2019/01/11/100-ways-to-discover-part-1/
  6. By @0xINT3 -> What I do:->

    1. Find all subdomains using tools such as knockpy, sublist3r, amass, aquatone and sort them uniquely in a file.
    2. Pick a subdomain of your interest and run a burp spider in it with wayback plugin.
    3. On that subdomain run a directory fuzzing, and find entry points.
  7. By @hossams01284251 :-> My recon tips is :->

    1. focus on the web server bugs as the web application because most of people dont focus on web server

    2. allways dig deeper as much as you can to find juicy bugs

    3. dont depend on the tools 100% allways when work manually for more bugs

  8. By @S4R1N

Tools : subfinder, massdns + dirsearch / eyewitness Start by finding interesting subdomain, then spider / bruteforce it (i use dirsearch across multiple subdomains). From there start digging more into host for interesting functionality or files.

  1. By @JarPhish :->

    1. Know your target machine, open port. Find it with wappalyzer/builtwith and nmap/masscan
    2. Find subdomains, directory, path & parameters with amass, gobuster, Arjun, JSparser
    3. Find more with google dorks, exploitdb, github.
  2. By @mufeedvh ->
    Some Recon Tips:

    1. Google Dorks: search for common parameters and directories.
    2. Collect parameters as you surf the target, these parameters may respond in other pages too that you can chain them to get an awesome bug (mainly in account settings).
    3. Check “robots.txt”.
  3. By @JavoPagano

    1. Spider to find all end points posible
    2. Dirb it can give you some interesting pages
    3. Sub domain search can be helpfull too
  4. By @kh4st3x

    Run your tools using VPS servers instead of local for turbo speed


Tweet by Tom Joseph [https://twitter.com/bot_infosec/status/1114035613655654400]

Does Anyone know some good vulnerability based automation scanners?

  1. SQLMAP => SQL Injection
  2. Commix => Command Injection

What’s more??

Others reply ->

  1. By Abhinav [@0xINT3]

    Gitrob: GitHub reconnaissance Knockpy: Subdomain lister SAML Raider: SAML (burp plugin) XXEinjector: XXE xsshunter: Blind XSS

    I’ll add more. :)

  2. By Rakesh Mane @RakeshMane10

    xcat => XPath Injection

  3. By Arif Khan
    • XSStrike by @s0md3v for XSS.
    • Photon, Spiderfoot for #OSINT
    • Arjun for HTTP parameter discovery
    • Aquatone for Recon
  4. By \x43 Kadimus for LFI

  5. XSSer = XSS