My review about Pentesterlab Pro

Here is my review about pentesterlab pro website. This website is very well known for teaching concepts of web application in web pentesting. At first i thought a lot about this website that whether i take this course or not , invest money on this machine or not.Then one day my friend gifted me pentesterlab pro for one month on 26 december

Today is my 9th day and i did “Introduction Badge,Essential Badge and almost White Badge”

Introduction badge : As name suggested in this it is just for giving introduction about challenges mean how and what we need to do and solve challenges

Essential Badge: Mine favorite. Total 60 challenges are there related to web pentesting. All important for web pentesting are here like code execution,command injection,mongodb command injecion,SSTI[Server Side Template Injection] , and so on I really learned a lot techniques from this 60 challenges. Many many new things i saw and i was really enjoyed while solving these challenges. These 60 challenges make foundation even for beginner.

Important part is if we are beginner and solving such challenges then this is not for very beginner friendly we have to google a lot and this is for every one. So, if we want to learn no matter we are beginner or intermediate or pro we will learn by solving such challenges and we really need a lot of to use GOOGLE to learn more

White Badge: Wow this is superb. This have also 6 challenges like “Pickle Code Execution” and yes i really learned a lot. If we stuck then there is also a video walkthrough on it and course on it too. So this is perfect for us

I really enjoyed a lot while solving such challenges and learned a lot.

So, now my thinking is change ,and now i can say if we want to learn web application concepts and pentesting concepts then this is the site for us.This site is perfect for us. Never hesitate to invest money on this as this site really teach us a lot and also price is cheap

I will definately buy another one month course Hope you like this review and learn from this website. And very big thanks to pentesterlab website team and my friend to give me such very nice gift


Written on January 4, 2018